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Management Development Programmes(MDP) | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 79 days ago
- 0 + AIMA’s Management Development Programmes (MDPs) align with AIMA's mission to enhance the competitiveness of Indian Managers across functional areas while improving their knowledge.These MDPs help in enhancing the professional and personal development of management professionals.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/conferences-events/mdp/m-d-p.html
Skill Development and Training Programmes | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 80 days ago
- 0 + AIMA's Skill-Development PMKVY programme aims to enable & mobilize the Indian youth to take up outcome based skill training & become employable and is working on certification & employability of youth of India as per the guidelines.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/Courses-PMKVY/Skill-Development-PMKVY.html
Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing And Analytics | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 81 days ago
- 0 + Digital marketing & analytics programme aims at covering the basic marketing and advertising concepts,revisit the fundamental statistical tools for analysis and prediction along with in-depth knowledge of online marketing and analytical tools.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/e-learning-courses/professional_certificate_programme_digital_marketing_and_analytics_.html
25th National Management Events, 2016 | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 78 days ago
- 0 + National management games is a team based Competition and the only of its kind in India.The game is highly interactive and realistic as one team’s decisions will affect the other teams.The decisions are evaluated through the software “Chanakya” developed indigenously in India.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/media-centre/events/25th_national_management_games_2016.html
HR Quiz HR managers understand the nuances of HR | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 72 days ago
- 0 + Hr Quiz include History and evolution of the HR function, Recent HR and HRD concepts and trends,employee engagement and talent retention,human resource information systems and latest technological applications in HR.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/conferences-events/competitions-and-quiz/hr-quiz.html
Business Analytics course in India | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 83 days ago
- 0 + The objective of the business analytics programme is to help participants to understand Large Data, its elements, and usage, from multiple perspectives-as analysts,decision maker, corporate leaders, investment banker, consumer analyst and entrepreneurs.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/e-learning-courses/pcpiba.html
Distance Learning Courses in India | AIMA CME
RIYA123GUPTA 68 days ago
- 0 + As a participant of distance learning courses programme,you would require to interact with AIMA-CME on several academic and administrative matters.We hope that your experience in this programme would prove satisfying both academically and professionally.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/admissions/admissions.html